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The School Day

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From September 2023

8:15am - Hub Club Opens

8:45am - Doors open for all children 

9:00am - Registration Closes for all children

3:05pm - End of School Day 

Hub Club 

We are thrilled to announce that from September 2023, we will be offering before school provision in our new Community Hub. 

Drop off and Pick up

From September 2023, the following arrangements will be in place:

  • Pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 must be picked up by a parent or alternatively an adult aged 18 years or above

  • Pupils in Key Stage 2 may be picked up by a sibling of 16 years or above. 

  • Pupils in Year 6 may walk home. Written permission must be given by parents at the school office.



Children from Reception up to Y2 are provided with a healthy snack to eat during the morning session. Children in Years 3-6 may bring in a piece of fruit for snack.

Milk will be provided free of charge for children under 5 years old. If your child is 5 or over, you are able to sign up to the Cool Milk scheme for £15 per term. Further details can be found on their website or through the school office.


All children in Reception, Year One and Year Two are currently entitled to a free hot meal each day whilst children in Years 3-6 can purchase a meal for £2:20 per day. Our meals are prepared on site in our school kitchen. If your child has any dietary requirements, please speak to the office staff. A copy of the menu can be collected from the school office.


If you would prefer for your child to bring a packed lunch, please send a healthy meal in a labelled bag/box. We have a ‘no nuts’ policy in school and therefore request that you do not send items made from nuts such as peanut butter. Children choosing to bring a packed lunch will be provided with a healthy lunch box leaflet. Fizzy drinks and glass bottles are not permitted.


Parents are asked not to park on the chevrons on Lever Edge Lane in front of the school as this creates a significant hazard for other children and adults. All children should be accompanied by a parent or child minder who should remain with the children until they are allowed into their classroom.

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