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Pupil Leadership

At Essa, we believe that everyone is a leader. All pupils have the opportunity to apply and be selected to fulfil a wide range of leadership roles as some point in their school journey. We expect our leaders to be excellent role models and to embody our school values of effort, standards, spirit and achievement.

Pupil Leadership 2023/24

Head Girl                Head Boy

Deputy Head Girl          Deputy Head Boy

Political Party Leaders and Deputy Party Leaders



Members of Pupil Parliament

Department for Arts and Culture       

At the beginning of Spring Term, our MPPs visited the class they are linked to and asked what they liked about our school and what we could improve. They then met in the boardroom to discuss their ideas.


"To be able to use the reading hub at lunchtimes"

"To have more sports clubs like cricket and basketball"

"To have some more celebrations for languages and festivals"

In January, our local MP, Yasmin Qureshi visited the school and took part in a 'Question Time' with a pupil panel. They asked her some very tough questions!

What are MPs doing to help with the cost of living?

What are your plans for the future of Bolton?

What made you decide to become an MP?

Do you think it is important to have women leaders in parliament?

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