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Educational Visits

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These form an important part of your child’s education and are curriculum-linked. During your child’s stay at Essa Primary Academy, he/she will participate in educational visits such as:

  • Local walks around the area.

  • Day trips to museums, environmental centres, art galleries etc.

  • Sporting fixtures.

  • Extended residential visits.

All visits are linked to the school curriculum. You will be required to complete a form giving permission for educational visits. All visits requiring transport will be in coaches or minibuses with seat belts. The teachers responsible for the visits act ‘in loco parentis’ at all times and will give the care which any reasonable parent would give.

Under the Education Reform Act, 1988, parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to help fund these visits. We are required to state that these contributions are voluntary but if insufficient funds are received the school reserves the right to cancel the visit or event.


If children are in receipt of pupil premium funding, the Governing Body will cover the cost of non-residential educational visits and make a financial contribution to the cost of residential visits.

If you think your child may be entitled to pupil premium funding, please come into school and a member of the office staff will help you to complete the form.

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