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Maths makes a considerable contribution to the overall school curriculum and is key to our pupils making sense of the world around them. We use a structured curriculum, based on WhiteRose Maths to develop pupils' number sense, mental arithmetic and problem solving skills. 

Each half term we assess our ability to choose and use processes from the calculation policy to solve arithmetic questions. The results of this process then informs the maths interventions for the following half term. Each term we also assess problem solving skills. These are questions based on the previous term's topics, to give an accurate picture of how pupils have progressed. In class, teachers use a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of topics to ensure pupils are able to develop a deep understanding of each topic they study.

Teachers also timetable a number of Mental Maths sessions each week to ensure pupils have time to practice efficient and elegant applications of the subject. Through our work in Maths, pupils will gain the knowledge and understanding to use confidently the skills needed to thrive within our world today.

We follow the White Rose curriculum. For more information about White Rose follow this link: Our story | About us | White Rose Maths 

Calculation Policy Summary:  See downloads below



Times Tables Rockstars:

Hit the Button: times tables practise, use of the inverse and square numbers. 

Mathszone Games: - search by topic and age group (EYFS/KS1/KS2)

Snakes and Ladders: (could adapt to include times tables questions of each turn or roll of the dice – can be played against a computer or multi-player)

MathsFrame Games: All games are free during school closures, suitable for KS2.

Top Marks: Lots of great games with different categories to choose from.

EYFS - (3-5 years)

KS1 - (5-7 years)

KS2 - (7-11 years)

Stretch and Challenge - (11-14 years) Includes: Number, Algebra, Money, Shape, Position & Movement

Premier League Primary Stars: Choose ‘Maths’ then choose a level to complete the questions and score goals to answer. First level KS1 Level 2/3 suitable for KS2.

Countdown: Select number of cards and use all 4 operations to create target number, solutions available. Suitable for KS2.

Area and perimeter game:



White Rose:

5 maths lessons for each year group (short video, activity and answers). Children might benefit from trying other year groups not just their own. For example, Y6 is focused on ratio so they might need to use other year groups rather than rigidly sticking to their own. The lesson focus are as follows :

Early Years - Egg Hunt (story based)

Year 1 - Weight and mass, capacity and volume, measuring and comparing

Year 2 - Make equal parts, recognise half, find a half, find a quarter

Year 3 - Unit and non-unit fractions, making the whole, tenths, count in tenths, tenths as a decimal

Year 4 - Recognise tenths and hundredths, tenths as decimals, tenths – place value and number line, dividing 1 digit by 10

Year 5 - Decimals up to 2 d.p, decimals as fractions, understanding thousandths, thousandths as decimals

Year 6 - Using ratio language, ratio and fractions, ratio symbol, calculating ratio, using scale factors


Stretch and Challenge

Year 7: Representations of fractions, convert between mixed numbers and fractions, adding and subtracting fractions. Year 8: Round numbers to powers of 10 and 1 significant figure, round numbers to a given decimal place, estimate the answer, order of operations


BBC Bitesize

Includes user guides and class clips. Could maybe link these up to twinkl worksheets / activities. 

Number blocks:


Topics: Numbers, shapes and movement, measurement, handling data.


Topics: Numbers, calculations, fractions percentages & ratio, measurement, shapes and movement, handling data 

Bitesize Maths Game-

IXL: Click on age group, suitable for EYFS/KS1/KS2. Lots of different quiz style questions. Younger year groups can have the question read out loud.


Oxford Owl: suitable for KS1 and KS2.

Browse by age or year group.
Activities available under each topic.

Activities, activity sheets and maths videos -


Crickweb: variety of games suitable for EYFS/KS1/KS2. Select by age then scroll for different topics.


PBS Kids Maths: Familiar television characters with a variety of maths themed games. Suitable for EYFS and KS1.


Maths Bot

Manipulatives Section 

Could be to offer concrete to help if they had set questions from their teacher or simply create their own games

Connect Four using (click Show Grid in the top right hand corner- use 7x6) 

Dominos (multiplication game)


Dice to play any games with

   some dice games here

To create tessellation art (can keep clicking ‘add shapes’ to use more)

Algebra (use top right tools to decide the value of the white and click to show numerical or algebraic values)

Puzzles Section


ICT Maths Games: Browse by topic, range of games and interactive teaching resources. Suitable for KS1 and KS2.

Mr Barton Maths:  (Year 6 / SATS only)

Past Papers and mark schemes

Beat the Nation

3 videos so far (10-12mins long) – will be updated throughout remote learning

Goes through 3 of the worst answered questions from Diagnostic Questioning
-Challenges children with the following questions

1. Can you get each question right?
2. Which do you think is the worst answered question?
3. What do you think is the most popular choice of wrong answer for each question?
4. Can you explain why other students might choose these wrong answers?
5. How would you help them?

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