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At Essa Primary, we have developed our own bespoke English curriculum that meets the needs of our children and provides continuity and progression from EYFS to Year 6.


Our approach is based on high-quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts for each group. These are carefully chosen to be diverse, inclusive and engaging, with a rich vocabulary that develops our children's love of reading. The children have the opportunity to write in a variety of genres and are driven by an awareness of audience and purpose.

Essa Primary English Documents & Policies


There is a sharp focus on reading and the units cover a wide range of questioning and activities, which are used in whole class teaching and guided reading lessons. The beginning of each unit concentrates on understanding, responding to and deepening children’s’ understanding of the text. This focus continues with on-going reading activities matched to the identified reading objectives. 

In terms of writing, children have many opportunities to practise and consolidate writing skills, formally and informally, throughout each unit. At the end of each genre of writing, children will complete an end of unit presentational piece of writing which will be assessed so teachers gain a snapshot of a child’s progress in writing regularly throughout the year.

Grammar work is clearly identified with all grammar being taught purposefully, in context so that it can be used in the identified outcomes. Discreet SPAG lessons are taught three times a week and skills are applied within English lessons wherever possible, so that children have the opportunity to apply newly taught skills immediately. 

We follow the PenPals Handwriting programme.

In separate Guided Reading sessions we follow the RAMP (Reading and Modelled Practice) model. Children take part in two Guided Reading lessons with a teacher a week and go through an 8 step cycle to ensure they clearly understand the text. This cycle consists of: Activating Prior Knowledge, Prediction, Questioning, Grammar, Inference, Summarising and Reflecting. We also use Accelerated Reader from Y2 onwards. Children select books based on an online test that places the children in a ZPD (zone of proximal development) which is a range that is at their reading level but also has enough challenge to help them to improve as readers. Children self select a book in their ZPD range from the school library then complete online book quizzes when they have read the book. 

Phonics is taught daily in Early Years and Key Stage 1 using Letters and Sounds. We also provide catch up intervention for pupils who are new to school and new to English. 




Select the age range

Choose age 3-5 and explore letters and sounds, stories and rhymes

Choose 5-7 and explore letters and sounds, punctuation, words and spelling, learning to read and stories

Choose 7-11 and explore spelling and grammar, punctuation, writing, stories, reading and poetry. 


Any age






Accelerated Reader

Pupils from Y2 onwards have an accelerated reader username and password to log onto AR please go to:


Free reading resources – log onto each website to find suitable texts

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