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Admissions Arrangements

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Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school regularly and on time. This is a legal requirement.

We are delighted you are considering applying for a place at our academy for your child. Follow the links below to get information about admissions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Admissions to Reception

The Essa Foundation Academies Trust is the admissions authority for our academy: Bolton MBC coordinates admission applications on behalf of the Trust. Full details of the application process and online application forms are available for downloading from Bolton MBC. The link is provided below.

Bolton MBC

A copy of EFAT’s admissions policy for Essa Primary Academy and full details of our oversubscription criteria can be downloaded using the link below.

In brief EFAT’s admissions policy for Essa Primary Academy and oversubscription criteria are:

  • All Children will be admitted if there are sufficient places available.

  • Children with a statement of special educational need or an Education, Health and Care plan, naming the academy will be admitted.

If there are insufficient places available priority will be given to:

  • Looked after children (children in public care, or have been.

  • Other children deemed vulnerable.

  • Children with a sibling attending Essa Primary Academy or Essa Academy.

  • Children with a proven medical or social need. 

  • Children of staff employed at Essa Primary Academy or Essa Academy.

  • Children who live nearest to the academy.

  • Tie breaker-geographical proximity to the academy.

Files to download

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