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"The Curriculum is a never-ending story" Mary Myatt


Our school has carefully designed an exciting, forward-thinking and well-sequenced curriculum.


Our curriculum is based on the statutory EYFS framework and the National Curriculum (2014). The curriculum is also bespoke to our school with themes and topics specifically chosen to reflect the diversity of our school community. We use the 'windows and mirrors' approach to the curriculum, in which children are able to look through windows in our curriculum to experience new cultures, knowledge, skills and opportunities, but also see themselves reflected in the curriculum. 

We value all subjects equally and offer a broad and balanced curriculum that offers all children their curriculum entitlement, whilst enabling them to develop their talents and excel. The curriculum provides opportunities to develop both knowledge and skills and ensures they develop the critical thinking skills they will need in the next stage of their educational journey. Our curriculum begins in EYFS, where it introduces our children to the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them develop a love of learning. As the curriculum progresses, the knowledge and skills our children develop help them to be confident, resilient, independent learners who are well equipped for life in the 21st century.

For more details about the intent and the implementation of our curriculum please click below:


Preparing for Disciplinary Study in the Early Years Foundation Stage

The EYFS framework is structured differently to the Primary National Curriculum as it is organised across seven areas of learning rather than subject areas.

Please find our subject summaries below. These demonstrate how the skills and knowledge taught across EYFS feeds into the Primary National Curriculum and how they provide the foundations and building blocks needed to progress from EYFS to Year 1.

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