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Our admin team in the school office are happy to answer any of your questions or queries.

They will ensure that if you have any problems or concerns, the right member of staff is informed. Alternatively, all class teachers are available on the school yard each morning from 8.50am or at the end of the day.

Appointments can be made directly with staff or through the school office if you are unable to get into school. Paper copies of the information contained on the website can be obtained on request from the school office.

On this page are the names of our admin team and the different ways in which you can contact us.

Our school Twitter feed and website commenting facility are used to communicate and comment on children’s learning, so please direct questions or concerns to us in person or by phone/email.

ای ایس ایس اے پرائمری اسکول

لیور ایج لین
بولٹن BL3 3HH

مرکزی رابطہ: جوانا آتھرٹن -


ٹیلی فون: 01204 201310
ای میل

SEN رابطہ: Klaudia Giermaniuk

SEN ای میل

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