SEND Information

Please visit our Local Offer to see how the school can direct you to the most appropriate source of support for yours, or your child's need.  Click here to access it.


Children, at some time in their school career, may have Special Educational Needs of some kind. The difficulties a child may experience can vary and may occur in a number of areas. Some children will need help and support all of the time that they are at school, while other children may only need help for a short time.


Our aims with regard to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) at Essa Primary Academy are:

  • To have a curriculum which is accessible to and includes all pupils, and which matches their individual needs.

  • To ensure that the requirements of those pupils with SEND are met.

  • To ensure the early identification and assessment of children’s needs and to act upon the results of such identification.

  • To ensure that children with Special Educational Needs receive a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • To ensure that all children with SEND join in all school activities as far as possible.

  • To provide differentiated work to take account of the needs of More Able/Gifted and Talented children as well as those with learning difficulties and ensure that the development of their children is celebrated.

  • To ensure that the atmosphere of the school promotes a happy, sensitive and secure environment to enable the most effective learning.

  • To ensure that the school aims to encourage parents as partners in the learning process for their children.

  • To appreciate that notable achievement can be made by all pupils and these should be recognised and recorded.


Throughout their time at Essa Primary Academy, a pupil’s progress is continuously monitored and tracked. This helps to highlight any problems immediately and identifies any children who may be falling behind. As soon as any problems are highlighted, appropriate intervention is taken to support pupils in the learning process through being placed on the SEND register and given an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The SEND register is maintained by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) and reviewed on a termly basis. The policy for Special Needs is being reviewed at a National Level and you will be kept informed of the relevant changes.