Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 11:23am

Hi this is about a story about a little girl named Cinderella I hope you like it bye

Once upon a time a little girl lived with her mother and father unfortunately her mother died so she lived white her father but her father knew she needed a mother so he married again soon her father died and her mother forced her to clean the house and soon there was a ball and all of the princess had to come to the ball but her step mother didn’t let her to go to the ball.  She had to clean the house but she didn’t clean the house she went outside and was crying on the bench. Suddenly her fairy god mother came to her “Don’t worry sweetie you can go to the ball”  “But how?” she replied  Cinderella was told to get a pumpkin, two mice and a plate. She turned the plate into a nice princess dress and the pumpkin in to a coach and the two mice into horses. “Oh we need some apples”  and she turned the one Apple into a driver. Soon she was at the ball and came in side the prince only had his eyes on her but it was 12 o clock she forgot if she didn’t come home at 12 o clock the spell will be broken  so she ran home but one of her shoes came off. The next day the prince came to all of the houses to find that girl and he did. Then the next day they got married


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